Push-Pull just moves the surface?

Fix your drawing! Steve looks like he may not be able to breathe!

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I have the same stupid problem
I think this was caused by a recent Windows Update…
Windows 7 x63, SKUP 2014, Geforce210 video card.
Reinstalling the drivers does not solve the problem
Same symptoms like above… push/pull not working and the paint bucket when select turns into a color pick-up tool

BTW is this a forum issue?

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Sorry I can’t help with the drivers issue! But regarding your forum question: NO, that is working as intended (though perhaps not obvious until you think about it). It is a scrollbar hint saying that you are viewing the 12th of 13 posts in a topic in which the last prior post was in March 2015.

OK thanks for the clarification

THis is interesting…if I select the color tool (bucket) this turns into a color picker (pipette) automatically
If I press Alt the tool turns into a bucket but if I move the mouse the tool turns back into a pipette.

Update: I installed a second mouse and it is doing the same so it is not the mouse driver
Update2: also tried a second keyboard …no luck

I have just tried SKUP 2017 (trial)
Same error…

My guess is something related to keyboard mapping, see if you can get some insight from these two links:

link 1
Link 2

If that would be the case the keyboard will be remapped for everything or everything will be affected
As far as I can tell only Sketchup is being affected

Possibly an installation issue, when you installed SU. Did you right click on the installation file and choose “run as administrator”? At any rate find the installation file , right click on the .exe, select run as administrator, then choose the repair option. See what that does

If that happens in the future, then you might wanna reset your shortcuts. Perhaps move’s shortcut was P (the push/pull shortcut), so it activated the move command when you tried to push/pull.

The software was fine for 4 years … I think it started with an windows update but I am not sure

I am not using any shortcuts just the mouse
I tried to reset all the shorcuts but it did not solve the issue

How are the mouse and keyboard connected to the computer?

If wired try something like SharpKey. If Bluetooth try removing the KB and re-connecting.

I already did the above, as I said I tried a different mouse and keyboard

If software re-mapping (using SharpKey or something like it) the KB does not work I am out of ideas.

giving this a bump before I remove Sketchup from my system and look for an alternative

If you think a Windoze update caused the issue, try removing the updates one by one back to the time the issue started. I really don’t think this is caused by SU. It is almost like a N/O switch is reversed to become a N/C. Have you tried to use the on-screen KB?

I have just realized that some other apps are affected
It seems to be something that comes into play when mouse and keyboard are used together (ex: Ctrl+Mouse Wheel for zoom in), another program is giving me grief right now…

I am upgrading to Windows 10 let’s see if that changes the things or it will give me one more reason for a good headache

problem solved by upgrading to Win 10 Pro …it sucks!