Push pull does not respond to measurements

I am using 2018 pro, When I use the push/pull tool it acts strange.
It does not “grab” guidelines and when try to type i the measure I want it does not respond.
I only have this problem in the 2018 versions. The other versions still work correct.
Could some body help me with this issue?

What other versions do you have?

Have you installed SketchUp 2018 Pro correctly? That is, did you log in under your normal user and then right click on the installer exe file before choosing Run as administrator?

Have you updated your graphics drivers?

I installed quite a few plugins.
I have disabled them all, now it working fine again.
So I am now in the prosses to look wich one causes the problem.
This will take some time

Please let others and the author of the plugin know which plugin is causing the problem.

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Just FYI, … do not click on the Measurements bar (aka VCB) with the mouse.
Just begin typing and the your numbers should appear. (Ie, the Measurements control is always ready to accept values at the proper time during native tool use. Pay attention to the prompts on the status bar to know when the proper time is during a tool. Hopefully custom Ruby tools follow native tool convensions.)