Push/pull and non-parallel faces

The carry handle on my sewing machine broke and I used Sketchup to draw a replacement and printed it on my 3D printer. I got something that works but there are shortcomings due to my lack of experience with Sketchup.

The two arms taper from a width of 3/16" at the hinge point out to 1/4" where they join the handle. However, I couldn’t round over the end and make the hinge hole with non-parallel faces. So, I made the arms 3/16" wide along their full length. It works, but I would have preferred to have more meat in the arms where they join the handle. It also would have been nice to have the handle section curve downwards parallel to the case for appearance sake.

Singer 354 Genie handle.skp (51.2 KB)

It’s installed and working but I can’t help wondering what you guys would have done. Perhaps someone could look at my skp file and show me an animation on how to address some of these areas.

Without video…I would pull the handle leg out to maximum width, then use a rotated plane and Intersect faces to taper it back. The plane faces should be raw geometry in the same context as the handle faces (but you may want to group the plane beforehand to manipulate it into place). I’d do this once and flip the result to make the other end of the handle.

Nice work though. Good job on the handle.

Here’s a moving version of basically what @pbacot has described but using scale to angle the faces. I have exaggerated the angle for demo, you can be as accurate as you need. The scale tool will accept exact measurements as long as you add the unit. Or set up guide lines to snap the scale too.
Note I am using ‘Hide rest of model’ so I can easily see what is happening without the block getting in the way. And tracing one segment forces the circle to complete the intersection process so you can remove the face.


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As for the top, at a guess I would do something like this.
Singer top

Thanks Box. I’ll be studying this a bit to figure out what you did. Right now I don’t understand the purpose of the first push/pull in your animation, where you extrude from the handle back along the side arms. Immediately after you do that, there is a second push/pull where the extrusion fills up the same place but this time going sideways from one arm to the other.

But thanks again, you’ve given me something to study.

Thanks Box, I like your techniques for adapting the handle to the curve.

The first one is the new ‘Block’ that will be used to intersect with the handle. The second is basically removing the gap in the handle giving you some meat to intersect with.

I’ve worked my way through the animation several times and I haven’t got the “Intersect Faces with Model” right. Does this skp indicate what I’m missing?
Singer 354 Genie handle intersect.skp (44.5 KB)

You are intersecting in the wrong context. The edges created by intersecting the two groups have formed outside the context of either group.
I triple click and delete them, then open the handle for editing, triple click to select all of the geometry within and intersect that with the model. This puts the newly created edges in the correct context allowing for the parts to be deleted.
GIF 12-04-2022 11-17-07 PM

Thank you very much. I was able to replicate your process. I’ll probably go through it a few more times to get comfortable with it.

I’m glad you got there, just remember the faces you want the edges to cut is the context you want to be in.