Purchased SketchUp Pro (299) and still receive "trial expired" message

I purchased Sketchup Pro 2019 11 days ago and have still not been able to use it. In the “payment history” section of my account, it says payment approved however under “current plans” it says I still have Sketchup Free and “trial expired” when I open the program. Having paid just shy of $400 CDN for this without being able to use it, feels anything but free to me at the moment. Surely theres a simple fix, any advice?

Please do not double post, it doesn’t solve twice as much

ha ha well said! Just learning how this works and whether replying to a post is better than creating my own. Or did I somehow create two of my own? If so, that was entirely unintentional.

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So you have access to your portal, is it he same email as the one wich bought the Subscription?

it is, yes

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