Purchased Pro subscription but only free trial shows up under the subscription tabs

Has anyone experienced this? Will it just become a pro subscription automatically after 30 days if I purchased pro? This feels like a customer support question but it’s been tough getting a response there lately. Thanks for the help!

Anyone know this answer?

The answer is that as soon as you buy a subscription, the trial notification should be gone, provided that you:

Are logged in with the same email address as that bought the sub.

Have done a sign out, and back in.

Checked the option during the buying process that ‘assigned’ the asset automatically.

Try or check the first options, then, check myaccount.trimble.com for the member section to see which email address has the product.

I checked, and it’s the last one of Mike’s ideas. At the moment the subscription isn’t assigned to anyone. Signing into Trimble | Account Management should show you have a seat to assign in the Members section. Once that is assigned to you the subscription should show in My Products, and as Active inside SketchUp.

Thanks guys that last suggestion did the trick!