Purchased an extension but then discovered couldn't download it

Hi. Yesterday, for the first time I purchased a Sketchup extension. Put in my billing/credit card info. Payment successful. Waited for a pop up or something to appear on screen so I could complete the last stage of the transaction: downloading it to my computer. Nothing. Then I searched every square millimeter of the page for something I must have missed. Simply though could find not any button, hyperlink, or other way whatsoever to download the extension!

I’ve contacted Sketchup support about this. But based on their automated reply, it seems that I could be in for a wait before (or “if”??) a human attends to rectify this. However, despite such tentative misgivings, I’m not posting this to complain about “the service”, or anything of that non-productive nature. Rather, I’m just looking for any useful information, experiences and/or advice which might help, not only with my situation, but also perhaps so that this need not happen again to someone else.

First, please don’t format your post as you did. It makes it difficult to read.

What extension did you purchase? It would be helpful to know that.

Did you check your spam e-mail box to see if there was anything there about the extension?

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If you purchased the extension on EW, there is no download for it, you need to check under your account on EW, see my extensions, it should show there, install it from within SU interface.

Thank you both of you for your replies. But shortly after I posted this, I noticed I had received another email from Sketchup support. This time is was a person and he had both an explanation and the solution. The issue is now resolved. For anyone curious to know the details, see my post to follow, as I have to leave my computer just now.

To DaveR… The extension was nz_Parabola. My apologies about the appearance of my post, though I too am annoyed… I am also stymied as to how, my neatly typed text got RE-formatted from what I had directly typed here.

Glad you got it sorted.

As for the formatting of you post, no worries.

Out of curiosity and since I’ve never used that extension, is there something special about it for drawing parabolas? I’ve always just used a Bezier curve to create a parabola.

This forum’s software (Discourse) uses the Markdown language to control formatting of posts. Markdown is a simple “markup language” (yes, its name is a deliberate pun) that uses certain characters to set special effects such as bold, underline, italics, large headline fonts, bullet lists, and so forth. If your text accidentally contains something that is a Markdown format control, the display here can get seriously messed up. One of the controls is a triple backtick “`” on the lines before and after text, which says to the formatter “display this content verbatim, without processing such as line wrapping”.

The consequence we see most often here is that someone will try to post an error listing from the SketchUp Ruby Console, and the Markdown formatter takes the starting < to be the beginning of an unknown html-tag and swallows some part of what follows (making the error report useless!).

slbaumgartner… Thanks for this info explaining how that unfortunate re-formatting of my post inadvertently took place.

DaveR… Replying to your querie about nz_Parabola… There’s nothing special about this extension as far as I can tell. I’m trying to draw a 3D shape known as a circular paraboloid (i.e. the shape of a parabolic reflector).

So what’s special about nz_Parabola that made me buy it? Well I have to explain first that nz_Parabola is one of only two parabola-asssociated extensions I’ve been able to find in searching Extension Warehouse (FYI, using only “parabola” as my search term). The second of these two extensions, which I installed first only because it’s free, is Curve Maker. Both of these work equally well for drawing your basic, 2-dimensional parabola.

Buying nz-Parabola was just a desperate stab in the dark in the hopes of finding more functionality there based on the fact I hadn’t tried it yet, plus higher expectations stemming from having to pay for it. But no such luck. I’m still looking for whatever it is I still need to install (and/or learn) yet that that will make it possible for me to to take a “simple parabola”, coax it to do a “Follow Me” of no less than half a revolution about its axis, resulting in a solid “circular paraboloid” .

Do you mean you are you having trouble forming the shape once you have the parabola drawn?
However you create the parabola you should just be able to join the end points to form a face that you can then use with Follow me on a circle.

Here it is using Fredo’s Bezier tool, it automatically forms the face because I used an edge to begin with.


Hmmmm… A Bezier spline with a single control point centered between the ends is a parabola. As Box shows, it’s easy enough to draw a parabola and make it 3D. What might not be evident is that the center control point will be twice as far from the base line as the desired height of the parabola.

I also used the Bezier tool by Fredo6.

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Yes, my problem has been that when I connect the end points of the parabola, the face fails to form. Even going back and trying to apply every (transferable) nuance of what you’ve done here, this problem persists with parabolas drawn using either of the two plugins I had been using for this up to now (i.e. Curve Maker and nz_Parabola).

However, before giving up, I installed the plugin you’ve used in your demo here (i.e. BezierSpline by Fredo6). Suddenly no more problem in getting the face to form when I close the parabola, permitting me to finally move past that to draw the circular paraboloid shape. Thanks.

DaveR… Though belated, thanks to you too for your help to me in this thread.

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