Punch Hole Problem


I’ve struggled all day trying to punch a hole through a key ring I’m trying to make and can’t get it for some reason. I’m attaching the skp file to see if anyone can explain what my problem is and explain it. Not asking to fix it for me just instructions on how to accomplish it. Thx for any help with this.

kia_key_chain.skp (1.2 MB)


You just need to move the circle down to the surface then push it through.


I’ve tried that all day long. :rage: I can’t get it to come out the other side. Try it on the skp file I attached and see if you can get it to go through.


No problem at all.
kia_key_chain.skp (1.1 MB)


Well I see it should work. I’ll go bump my head against the wall and try some more. Thx for your help sdmitch. I’ll post back when I get it to work.


Here’s another version, just push it through then push it down.
Push Through


Well I wasn’t watching close enough as I was pushing through. I zoomed in a lot and was able to get it. Thx sdmitch & Box


Notice I used an Endpoint on the side to define the push depth, then the face the second time. This way PushPull know where you want to go.

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