Pull my leg

i’m having trouble modeling a Louis XVI chair. Thanks to True Bend, I can make the oval back piece. But I can’t figure out how to model the rear leg–specifically the part that joins with the oval back piece. One face of the leg seems to follow a compound curve, but I can’t figure out how to plot the curve and shape the leg. The rest of the chair should be a walk in the park. Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
louis xvi chair Louis XVI chair.skp (11.5 MB)


I used Curviloft for that, Loft from Spline one.
Did not have time to play with your model so I made a simpler one to see if it works.

Louis XVI chair_MY_TRY.skp (414.2 KB)

You could also try using Quads: scaun1.skp (558.6 KB) (just a start idea)

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Thank you both. Quads is something I haven’t yet learned, but I guess I should give it a try. After I posted my query, I came as close as I need to by using Fredo6’s FredoScale to bend the part at attaches to the back, followed by an Intersect Faces command. I still have some cleanup to do, but I think the worst is behind me.
Again, many thanks.Louis XVI chair.skp (14.9 MB)