PTC bought Onshape for U$ 470 Millions

interestingly they burned over U$ 100 millions to develop the software but do have just 5,000 paying customers resulting in an annual revenue of only U$ 10 millions.

Seems that SaaS is not working pretty well for the CAD area, at least not for them.

Thanks for that. The local First Robotics team uses OnShape for their design work. This could impact them.

Interesting. The writer wasn’t too positive regarding the business case for spending $470 M on a product that has 5000 seats.

He also goes into how much time and money has been spent trying to arrive at a workable CAD SAAS platform: the penultimate paragraph may be relevant to Trimble’s inferred future roadmap for SketchUp:

It is good to see Onshape with a rescuer, because its technology is important to a specific set of users. What we have learned from the decade-long experiment by Dassault, Autodesk, and Onshape, however, is that there is little appetite in our industry for multi-server-based CAD running in Web browsers.