Proximity Trigger for Dynamic Components?

Is there a way to trigger actions in a dynamic component based on its proximity / orientation to another component?
I use Sketchup Pro to quantify exterior facade panels for the estimating dept. I’m a part of.
The edges of the rectangular facade panels we offer have various vertical mounting extrusions, which differ depending on the presence / orientation of adjacent panels. Two side by side panels sharing the same plane will have a vertical mounting extrusion at the joint between them. Two side by side panels oriented @ 90 deg. to each other will have two corner extrusion (such as an outside corner on a building).
I currently just manually palce the mounting extrusions in my estimating models, but hoping there is a way to semi-automate the process to save time.

Not possible with DCs. (They cannot insert component instances outside themselves.)

This kind of stuff is done with plugins. Look at Chuck Vali’s work and contact him for support. Either he can create this for you or add it into his Instant Cladding extension.