Proper way to manage scenes with section cuts - Is there a way to have a default scene?

I’m creating scenes with section cuts in sketchup for construction docs in layout. After having created the scenes I’m not left with a default scene so that I can make changes to the model and keep my existing scenes untouched.

What is the best practice for creating scenes but then being able to edit the model without altering a scene?

Create a scene with all sections turned off. It’ll require creating a new style since section visibility is a style setting. After you’ve turned off the section cuts, set the camera where you want it and create a scene. If you didn’t already save the changes as a new style, you should get a warning that the style has been changed and asking what you want to do. Choose Save as a new style. You should be all set after that.

Thanks. It seems odd that once you create a scene you can no longer model in a base level default scene. Scenes seem conceptually similar to layers to me, and with layers you have a default which is unalterable. scenes should also have a default, IMHO.

I’m not sure where you got that idea. By default there’s no “base level scene” but there’s nothing preventing you from creating one. Many users create just such a “working” scene as their first scene so they have something to go back to if they wish.

If you want that default working scene you could create a template that includes it. It’s up to you. I’ve never found the need but then the first scene I generally create when I’m working on a model is a 3/4 view of the entire model. I suppose it becomes my working scene but it’s also the first scene to get used in every LayOut project, too.

Right, I’m just saying that I think it is odd that there is no default (working) scene. I guess the way to do it is before you create any real scene you create that first scene and call it “working” (or default, or whatever), and then you create all your other scenes, and use the "working scene to do your modeling in.

Thanks again Dave.

Yes. If you want that sort of working scene you can make it. I don’t create any scenes until the model is nearly complete so there’s really no need to have a special one for working in.

It’s up to you, of course. It sounds as if you might do well to add a working scene to your custom starting template.

I used to have a working scene, but not anymore.

I have a style that is both good for modelling and technical presentations, so the only thing I need is to switch from parallel projection to perspective camera, orbit with the mouse, turn sections on and off. Sometimes I also need hidden lines visible and backedges.

So what I do is have a shortcut for:

  • Camera Perspective - shift+c
  • Section cuts - shift+x
  • View hidden geometry - ctrl+shift+h
  • Back Edges - K (standard)

With these I just cycle through the floor plans or section scenes and quickly see the sectioned building or the full building, without the need for a default scene. It’s very streamlined, fast and accurate.

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It would be helpful to many users if you were to upload an example file that showcases your technique. Would you be willing to share that with our online community?

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