Proper Sheet Designators to Allow for Dynamic Tags

We, I assume I am not the only one doing this, are having to manually create Section, Elevation, Callout, Title, etc… tags within Layout. I create the tags and, when appropriate, use Auto-text to help at least when the tags stay on the same page. Saving these to the scrapbook is great but I believe there is room for this to grow and become more like the Revit solution where if you create a tag, the “pointer” is dynamically linked as tags begin to point to other sheets (pages). I think a good solution would be to establish a method for creating sheets (pages) based on at least the architectural CAD standards sheet naming ( ). Perhaps make this as part of the template selection interface when creating a new document. This would allow the hobbyists to not be confused by any of these industry necessities as they can opt out. , more importantly in my world, it would also allow the professionals to maintain standards much quicker. This would then pave way for a tag library with which we could generate cross page tags. Its a quality of life feature suggestion that would save a lot of time and when you’re 20 pages in, a lot of headache.

While I understand Sketchup/Layout/Trimble does not really appear to be making a direct stand as to what part of the 3d industry they actually live within, I believe their strongest contribution is the 3d model-to- paper space solution. Allowing both a 2d parallel projection and 3d perspective view on paper depending on the need of the user is beautifully handled and it blows the overblown methodology that the cult of AutoDesk has established right out of the water. My personal opinion guys is you push this spot you find yourself in, bolster the documentation creation tools and show us “some” reason to double our maintenance costs every year =)

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I’d love this feature, too… I’ve been jumping through hoops to make these dynamic tags through workarounds. The scrapbooks are good starting points, but from my experience, if the project has enough detail that the proper tags matter, it’s too time-consuming to edit them all manually.

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