Projects out of sync

I started a project in SketchUp Web on one computer and when I tried to access it on another computer it was missing. I hadn’t made it very far so I decided to restart the project on the second computer. I named and manually saved the project to the same place I have saved all of my other projects. When I returned to the first computer the next morning I found the original file that I started but not the newest one. I am now back on the second computer and the original file is here as well but my second file is still missing.

When I check revisions on Trimble it shows the time stamps of when I restarted and was working on the project but it still loads the original no matter what version I try and load.

I read one of the forums about syncing the drives but I cannot find the sync button they are referring to. Maybe this is a pro feature and not for free users.

Any help is appreciated.

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