Projector Beam onto a corner?


I use Sketchup a lot for modelling video projections, however I wonder if there’s a way to model the way a projected image would be if it was over a corner, or not perpendicular to the wall?



that would only be a simple descriptive geometry problem.

You’ll just have to draw the projector cone/pyramid, aim for a corner or not perpendicular surface and intersect ! it’ll give you a preview of the projected space you’ll have

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That’s great, thanks! So easy when you know how…

Is there a way I could distort an image or texture to fit that shape created by the intersection?

Yes. Set up a face that is perpendicular to the axis of the projection. Apply your image as a texture and set it to be Projected. (right click on the textured face and select Texture>Projected.) Then sample the texture from the face and apply it to the faces in the corner.

use the position texture handles…

you need to stand the faces off and add transparency if you want to ‘see’ the background…


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Hi all. I have a need for something like this to be added to a DC I use for projector placement experimentation. Would one of you sages who have thought about this application be willing to look at this DC created by someone called Webmaster W.? Please DM me… Thanks!