Project specific template sketchup and layout file library

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I hope someone can advise me.

I am building a components library for regularly used materials and elements we regularly ‘build’ from the components to save time in the future. I then intend to take these built elements and label them with specifications and regulations etc. in Layout - again an efficiency thing.

The idea then would be to make a copy of the files saving them within a project file and updating them so they are relevant to the project.

I presume because of the way I am planning to use the components, SKUP files and layout files, these will need to always be located in the same place on our shared drive to prevent files becoming unlinked in the future.

Firstly, does this seem like a sensible thing to do? Is there a better way?

As there are several of us using these files, is there any way of protecting the ‘template’ sketchup and layout files that I create so they either cannot get moved or cannot be easily edited/ changed inadvertently?

Our team uses Macs and has a team iCloud drive where all our work is located - in case this is relevant.

Many thanks in advance.

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What is it you’ll do with the LayOut file with these components? When I make components to save for later use I add pertinent information in the Description field as well as the Advanced Attributes. More information can be added to the components using the Dynamic Components feature. (You don’t have to make the components dynamic in the sense that they can be modified.) That way the information stays with the component. If you are creating projects where you need to label these components in a LayOut document, you can access that information as auto text in the labels.

As for where to save them, my suggestion would be to create a master collection and put a copy of it on a network drive or wherever your team can access it but I would suggest that they download the collection to their local, internal drives. This will make access faster, prevent them from accidentally modifying the master copy (you should keep a master copy protected on your computer, too) and eliminate potential file corruption due to saves that might happen to the network or cloud storage.

Are you still using SketchUp 2018? If you are up to date on the SketchUp version you could have a look at Trimble Connect for storing your components and letting others access them.

Thank you. I will add pertinent info to the attributes on the components. I have just realised I can lock entire folders on the shared drive so can prevent ‘unauthorised’ changes. The components will be available for download and I will keep a master copy of all files.

I use the latest version of sketchup so will check out Trimble Connect.

Thank you for your help.

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