Project keeps NOT Responding when trying to work with it, both software and web

Hello everyone, I’m trying to assist my wife’s project, she is constantly “angry” at the PC saying it’s ■■■■, but I know it isn’t-- I’ve built myself:

Our computers:
Core i7 8700K (her) - Ryzen 7 3700X (mine)
16GB 3200MHz C14 both
GTX 1660 (her) - RX 5700XT (mine)
both running on considerably fast NVMEs (Samsung 970 EVO 1TB).
I’ve monitored activity during the SketchUP not responding and it doesn’t seem to be using much, CPU usually pretty low 10-15% and GPU as well.

Additionally, I’ve tried using the web version and it runs even worse than the installed software.

It must be something in her project, but I don’t use SketchUP, so I have no idea what could be causing it. I’ve been able to reproduce her issues by trying to copy paste stuff around, like a tree for example.

I’ve zipped up her project:
Adding google drive link for facilitation: - Google Drive

Couple things I’ve tried already from reading tutorials:

  • Verifying it’s using the Graphics Card (Window->Preferences->OpenGL->GFX Card Details)
  • Turning off Shadows/Fog
  • Using Fast Styles
  • Disabling Autosave
  • Purge Unused

None of that seemed to work, so any pointers are very much appreciated.

Thank you!!

The problem is sheer weight of numbers. All those plants are made of lots of faces and edges that the graphic card has to rerender every time you move. Put them all on a separate Tag and only turn them on when actually needed.
Also as well as shadows turn off Profiles. View/Edge Style/Profiles
Profiles are the heavy edge around each object and in the case of plants make it like working in treacle.
Then as you go inside the house she needs to be careful adding all the ‘stuff’ just one apple is quite heavily detailed for what it is and she has a bowl of them. The Eames is quite nice but again very detailed. Every bit of geometry adds to the work of the graphic card so you need to work to something of a budget. I haven’t looked at the fridge or anything else but some whitegoods are havens for excess geometry, right down to the threads on the screws.

So, use Tags to be able to turn things on and off, create scenes using those Tags so you can flip from low poly working version to high poly render view etc etc
Be selective with things added from the warehouse, download them separately and clean them up for use or discard before adding to your model. Think about the plants, do you need 3d versions or would 2d face me ones work?
To put it simply, the computer is not to blame.

By the way, having your name as Spam and attaching zip files that throw warnings of potential malicious software is not a great way to get your questions answered.

Thank you! I’ve watched some tutorials and learned how to use tags and created a folder with each tag for each vegetation part of the project. After done this, I simply disabled the vegetation visualization and the project runs incredibly smooth. I shown her how to do it, she now understand and is not blaming the PC anymore. Beats me that I have to learn how to use this to teach her so I can avoid the constant shouting around the house, lol.

I’m sharing the rest of the tips with Her, thank you so much.

Btw: The email spam@ is just what I use for any forums or things that I don’t use very often (in this case was trying to assist my wife), but my name is properly aliased, it’s just the email that seems weird.

Thanks again.