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A friend recommended sketchup. Took me a while today to figure it out. I was using the web version on windows 10 on Brave. My browser is set to delete local data upon quit. I spent over 8 hours modeling my project. Was pretty much done, saved the project multiple times. Then I had to go out. I Logged out and shut down my browser. Then, when I come back and log in Sketchup is treating me as a new user, sign agreement again (probably because my browser deletes cookies) But, project is gone!!! Is this really the case? Does the web version not save the project online? Must I download the project before I logout? Whats the deal here?

Something buggy here sketchup web! After logging out and logging back in multiple times, all of a sudden the project is back… Super happy it is back but now I am scared to logout or even close my browser, better figure out how to download the project quick and just install the program locally…

You should read this:


A recommended web browser: SketchUp for Web depends on WebAssembly, a new technology that requires cutting-edge browser support. For the best experience, we recommend Chrome 59+ or Firefox 52+.

Very likely.

Have you tried going to your Trimble Connect account to see if the file is saved there?

It never hurts to have any file backed up in more than one location.

Seems I can’t download anything unless I pay 695 dollars! What? I used sketchup back in the day when it was free. None of this is clear on signup, get someone to do a bunch of work then lock them in. I can’t even download my work?

Seems I could pay 119 / year but even then I cant work when offline ???

It would be helpful if that was stated upon signup. Brave is just a fork of chrome, with privacy added. So what you are saying is that before anyone should sign up for Sketchup they should read first. Nice point of entry… did i read the fine print?

Brave is just as cutting edge, if not more, than Chrome or Firefox. Sketchup only works if I allow them to store cookies permanently? Otherwise my work disappears occasionally? So my cookies store my work? That’s one big cookie! This a first for me, no problems at all on any other web service that I have tried.

Good luck with this model you have Sketchup!

I read your withdrawn post, no i have not given up. Check this deception out, here is some reading. The title of the page “Uploading and Downloading Models”: which then gives you directions on how to download your project. Which don’t work because there is no option to download. So please tell me how it

And please tell me how “So what you are saying is that the user should bear no responsibility for understanding things like the system requirements for the software they use.” this is a problem with with system requirements. I was able to build my project, save, and edit it, for 8 hours with no glitches. The only problem that has come up is; my work disappears because SketchUp requires PERMANENT LOCAL STORAGE of cookies. Do you wonder why that is? This is not a system requirement.

Even if I had chrome or firefox, i would set cookies to be cleared upon exit, which would cause the same problems no?

SketchUp for Web keeps a local version of edited models on your computer (as far as I know), and in addition (only if you have an account and are logged in) syncs it to Trimble Connect.

The problem is that – as a principle of web content – web sites are underpriviledged and have no guaranteed access to your computer’s physical resources. The browser (and your browser preferences) decides which access is granted to a web site. The user has the full control to make all cookies gone, or make exceptions. The same for local storage (the model is actually not stored in a cookie but in local storage, and normally local storage is preserved when cookies are cleared). The best that a web app can do is warn you if syncing to Trimble or saving in local storage fails, and remind you to ensure your local storage is set to be persistent.

(Another reason why SketchUp should be working towards priviledged webapps (PWA) or even packaging as a hyper-cross-platform electron app with direct access to the file system.)

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AFAIK there is no other way to use the webapp.

Which does not /or did not /or may not happen with the Sketchup webapp. So, as before,

because who knows if my work is being saved even though the app says it is.

I checked out my local storage folder and it has not been modified in over 2 weeks which tells me that is not where the model is stored (perhaps SketchUp manages to hide its activity there, who knows, this is just an FYI @Aerilius)

All that being said, a very disappointing “welcome to the forum” and being told I should read the “help” before I try using SketchUp. If that is the case, for ease of user, that should be on the homepage in a clear and concise way. Right after all those nice tags " Where great ideas get to work Design it. Make it. Enjoy the process."

And being told,

coming from a “sketchUp Sage” that should know personal backups aren’t possible on a free account even though the website says they are possible. Perhaps they are available on a super expensive paid account but at this point who knows the truth?

Except backups are possible with the free version. You can download a copy of the SKP file to your local drive as well as save it to your Trimble Connect account. You can also upload a copy of it to the 3D Warehouse.

You can download SketchUp 2017 Make and not have to worry about cloud storage:

Care to show me how that is done please. The directions state

" Downloading a model to your hard drive is simple: click the File Operations icon , select the Download ,and then select a file type for your download (SKP or STL). Give the file a moment to download, and then look for the file in your Downloads folder (or wherever you save downloaded files)."

Except for the fact that that icon doesn’t exist:



Upload to 3D Warehouse:

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Thank you @DaveR ! Your directions are much clearer than the websites. My apologies for being incorrect about downloading.

I sure do hope the dev/UI/web team reads this forum. As pretty as their website is, it is very deceiving and unclear. It states nothing clearly about requirements (detect my browser), making backups, issues with the webapp not saving (even if it says “saved”). Unclear about a free downloadable version.

Thanks for the help with all that community members. I still don’t feel the webapp issue is fixed, i just won’t use it!