Program to learn history

I have the start-up in polish company. I want to make program to learn history. This program has 3d models to learn. If you want to be in the project, text me.

I would be more than happy to help as long as you give me more details about the project!?


That’s a fun idea. I’ve been making a timeline of middle eastern history in SketchUp. The file gets really big really fast, but it’s fun.
Are you willing to pay for models, or are you looking for hobbyists or someone willing to work on speculation?

I would like to know what is involved and how to get involved. What benefits, if any, are offered?

We are making education program to learn history. We want to make money from subcribers of program.

Do you want to be in my team? We work to make money from program.
od wirusów.

Hello @artur1

Your post is too vague:
1, It does not describe what you intend to do.
2. Limited information is provided about the program. Can you explain how it incorporates the provided models to learn history (or will these be used as a history teaching aid)?
3,. How do you want to involve forum participants?
4. Is compensation going to be provided?
5. The included link does not lead to relevant material.

Please be more specific in what you are seeking and in what you are offering.

Yes, I have more information on my presentation, text me private message
with email, I send you
od wirusów.

I think that you will get better feedback if you include the information that JV requested here on the forum, rather than messaging few individuals, one at a time.

I agree with @TheOnlyAaron . You should indicate the complete specifics of your request here in the open forum and once you begin negotiating agreements, then do so thru PM or email.

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