Program developers please pay attention.(程序开发员们请注意了)

sketchup手机的最新版:sketchup viewer ,自从2月份更新以后一直无法使用,卡在更新界面,直到3月份,你们也没能解决这个问题并更新,手机端和PC端一样的重要,应该引起注意和意识到它的重要性。希望程序员辛苦下为大家解决这个困难。

The latest version of the sketchup phone: sketchup viewer, has been unable to use since the February update, stuck in the update interface, until March, you have not been able to solve this problem and update, the mobile phone and the PC are just as important, should attract attention and Realize the importance of it. I hope that the programmer will work hard to solve this difficulty for everyone.