ProfileBuilder 4 Truss assembly

I am working on making a 4 point truss assembly
Is there anybody had luck with this?

This is what I got this far:

I should think you could. Are these things only available in certain discrete lengths, or are they cut to any length? If the former, you might rather make a collection of components and with snaps for that matter. With a local collection in the component panel, drag them in like Tinker Toys and snap them together.

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This one is excactly the measures I want to replicate. Trying to make them snap together every 2m with speparate geometry. The corner module have to be a separate model I think…?
First challenge is to distribute the angeled support correctly along the tubes. Any suggestion how to distribute them so it fits? Need correct angle

Why don’t you draw them with the correct angle?
As @RTCool told you, if it’s just a few different lengths of truss and a few corners, make your own library…

I think I would draw the over all parts with the start and stop square frames, then

  • set a guide on the start frame,
  • move-distribute three copies to the end frame
  • draw one pair of diagonals in the first space between guides
  • make two more copies in the other spaces
  • delete the guides.

Got this so far
Truss290.skp (1.1 MB)

Nice! dimensions are correct… Now draw a corner!

Great! Your file crashed SU and now I can’t launch it any more. It crashes on launch.

oh, sorry. :grimacing: works fine here

After a reboot, it seems to launch again. That was weird.

Edit: It opened in the Web version OK.

What I cannot understand is why I cannot find this Auto assembeled part I called Z support
It is not shown in dialog??