Profile lines around a 2D house

I drew my house for a 2D site plan in Sketchup, all worked well. I then went to add the driveway and a deck on the back porch. The issue is the driveway connected to the house as did the deck.

So now my thicker profile lines skip two walls on my house and instead go around the connected driveway and back deck.

If I select the faces they are still there and correct.

Really easy to simulate what I mean. Draw a rectangle, all four sides will be darker profile edges. Then draw another rectangle to make an L shape and you will now get profile lines in the shape of an L. I want two separate profile lines around each rectangle, but still be able to connect them.

Is that possible?

Please read up about groups and components. They exist to keep geometry from sticking to other geometry.

will do, thanks! I never used them in my 2D plans much, mainly more in the 3D files… I will ready up on it.

I just made the deck and the driveway a group and my lines are correct again, thanks!

I went through and grouped and made components for all my items, it’s much easier to hide and show things and all my borders look correct, except two of my groups acted strange. I had a group for the outline for my backyard patio area that is slate. When I group it and show it with all the other groups, it’s textures disappear and it flickers weird as you zoom in/out. If I explode that single group, it all looks fine.

I also grouped a set of dimensions around the detached garage, they did the same thing, as you zoom in/out, some of the dimensions lines flicker so they are not visible, if I explode, they show up fine.

I’m also trying to figure out if a group is on a face and that face has lines, how to make the lines show on top of the group instead of below it.

thanks again for the point in the right direction.

I figured out the flickering with the groups. When I was making groups, I have a border for my property line. It should not have had a face. When separating and re-grouping things, it was given a face again, which messed up the visibility of some of the groups.