Profile Build - Issues

So, I have done this many times before and not sure why this is happening on this one. The Profile is sitting proud of the construction lines by 1/16th. This has never been an issue on the ones I have done before, and not sure why it’s sitting proud instead of against.

Start process is put the top construction lines in so I can follow when I use Profile Builder to Build the skin. Then copy each arc segment, and copy, then copy in place, then offset 3/8". Connect my lines at the top and bottom to create the face. Once that face is selected I create the profile, and use it to do the build.

Not sure again, why it’s holding the profile off the face 1/16th?

Sizemore Hood For A and B Cabients_Skinned.skp (519.7 KB)

So, I played around with the “Z” offset in Profile Builder, and set it to -1/16 and that seems to have fixed the issue. I don’t think I have had to do this before, but unsure.