Problems with View Style not showing in printed image - Sketchup 2020

I have used Skethup for the last 4 years and with the same templates as far as Styles goes. for some reason my new file is not printing my views correctly - I don’t see the style applied in the view in the 2d images. I played with changing to print from a JPEG to PNG but it didn’t solve the problem. I am guessing there is something in my preferences that I need to change? Please help!

Can you share an example file that shows this? Are you printing directly from SketchUp or using LayOut? Can you show us what you’ve gotten in the past?

I am printing strait from sketchup: export -> 2D
SW aerial- Screen print.pdf (223.3 KB)

It looks like its is not printing the view style…

Which one is the one you’re trying to get?

Sorry! I sent the wrong ones.
Here goes:

It would be helpful to see the .skp file.

The lines are not showing as “sketchy” when I print them…

Again, it would be helpful to see the .skp file.

So you are exporting a png or jpg and printing that? When you export, how large is the image? To what do you have the Line Scale Multiplier set?

Exported as JPEG and PNG… image is large… and I have Line scale multipier =1.0… maybe I can play with that… ? I cant share the model… :confused:

I expect you need to set the multiplier to a larger value to get the sketchy line style to show as you want. That’s actually a cool way to control how the sketchy line styles look.