Problems with trying to type a space in measurements

When I am creating a rectangle, for example, I try to type a space in the measurements window, e.g., “2 1/2”, the rectangle disappears.

This issue was reported and is being worked on by the developers.

Please don’t make repeated posts on the same topic. That just creates confusion and doesn’t help to get the problem solved any faster.

If it’s being actively worked on (and we shouldn’t make repeated posts), why don’t I see it on the “known issues” list? Or why isn’t it pinned to the top of the forum? I did look at the known issues first, but didn’t see anything recent. Came to this subforum and both of the two topics that look like my problem tell the OP to not duplicate but neither provides a tracker link that we could follow.

For the moment, I’m pretty much stuck and hoping that a fix is coming rapidly.

I agree there should have been more communication.
Apparently it is fixed now.