Problems with Return key

I have been using SU free for a while on a mac book
Ventura version. My Return key does not bring my cursor back. Probably something I did but I have been looking for an answer for a week and I’m very k Nok K I’ll frustrated. Thanks Paul
Retired and enjoy woodworking
Thank you

What do you mean? Which cursor? What are you expecting to see after you press Return? It should not change the tool. If you are looking to switch to the Select tool, press the Space Bar.

Which web browser are you using? Is it different with other browsers?

The space bar does not change it either.

The space bar has worked properly for months. When you press it now nothing happens. The last tool stays on the screen until you go to the tool pallet and select another tool.

You can answer my other question separately. If you click on the Select tool, does that work?

Never mind, I see you answered that already.

No matter what, the Return key should not change the tool.

And in what browser?

OK so I’m using Firefox and the problem is with the space bar. It does nothing when you press it.

Try Chrome.

Problem solved
System Preferences
Uncheck “Full keyboard access
Space bar is now working properly.
A big shoutout to Katia’s Buzz channel

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