Problems with models, Load error popup and "floating" tool set

couple of probs…pdf (75.6 KB)


(Pls say if I’m only allowed one problem per post)

I’ve been using Sketchup Make for around 6 weeks and I have 2 problems (see attachment)

  1. The underside of my models remain stubbornly open
  2. I can’t remove Load Errors pop-up (present since I unsuccessfully tried to downloadan extension
    Oh and 3, my large tool set “floats” i.e. it wont snap on to my project page

Upload the SKP file so we can see exactly what the reason is for this. Please don’t make the rest of us guess.

Please copy the entire text of the load error message and post that here. Your screen shot doesn’t show enough.

The Large Tool Set will snap to the side of the window but you need to “push” it firmly. Hard to describe but it will snap.

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