Problems with labels in LayOut 2023 23.1.329

In LayOut 2023, when updating a reference, the labels do not appear expired, instead they are connected to other parts of the model, leading the user to make presentation errors:

In LayOut 2020 there is no such problem with labels

thanks SketchUp team

Share the LO file. It looks like they aren’t actually remaining connected to the model.

The problem occurs in LayOut 2023, the story is that there is a file in SketchUp in which the steel distribution is changed (1/2" @ 25cm by 1/2" @ 20cm) and the pillar moves 1 inch towards the left, then when updating the reference in LayOut the following happens:
LayOut 2020: Mark disconnected references as obsolete (red). (for me this solution is correct)
LayOut 2023: Does not mark disconnected references as obsolete (red color), what it does is connect the labels to the closest component. (For me this solution is not correct, since it is not known where the label has to be updated)
Unless the logic of how it works in LayOut 2023 has changed.
Attached file in LayOut 2023 format
LO 2023.layout (484.0 KB)

Maybe @adam can weigh in on this. I experimented with your file a bit. After reconnecting those labels to the rebar, I moved those components in the model space. The leaders followed the components. I seemed to be getting the results I expected. If the components were changed in the model, though, that might cause an issue.

Good morning, thank you for your support, if it happens when changing the location of the model components, I attach the initial file in LayOut 2023 (I),
LO 2023 initial drawuing.layout (483.8 KB)

I also attach the file in SketchUp 2023 (II),
SU MODIFIED.skp (337.2 KB)

the latter has been modified the separation of the bars of steel, and a displacement of the pillar to the left of 20 cm, when updating (I) with the SketchUp file (II) the following happens:

The problem is that it does not show the modified labels in red.
Thanks SketchUp team

This appears to be a side effect of LayOut’s efforts to automatically reconnect labels. This was a feature request by users to allow them to reconnect a label to their document without needing to edit the label and re-select the auto-text to verify that it is okay to connect to a different component in their model.

We now assume it is okay to connect to a different component by default, which in your case is wrong! In many situations, the behavior would be okay because the geometry wouldn’t shift so much that a different component would be found by the label.



I understand what it indicates, and I think it is applicable in architectural models where the elements are large, for example walls, but in the case of working with structural projects with smaller components such as steel rods, it does not yield the expected results since The tag connects to other elements.
I would like it to cover both needs (architecture projects and structures), when changing a component in SketchUp, the label in LayOut would display red when it does not find any connection and orange when it does find a connection but it is not the same component, also giving the possibility of accepting the connection with the new component.

Thanks SketchUp team

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