Problems with arcs when importing DXF or DWG

Hello all,

I’m quite new to SketchUp and am experiencing some issues when importing DXF or DWG files that I’ve exported from Visio. When I Import a file, the arcs seem to be misspositioned/missized and are not properly connected to each other.

The original file though seems OK, because when I Import the same file into a Portal for metal laser cutting, everything looks good.

I’m sure there are experienced users out there who could give me a hint.
Very appreciated!

what does the SU Element Info say if selecting an entity?

Check the content with the free Teigha Viewer f. WIndows & Mac OS first and ensure, that content is made of clickable vector elements and not of a dumb raster image.

And upload a DWG affected.

It might be a size issue. You could try using a larger import unit (Centimeters instead of Millimeters, for instance) to get better accuracy. You can then scale the result back to intended size in SketchUp.

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Thanks for the tip. Just tried that out, but the result is equally messy…

I have just replaced the arcs with a set of straight connected lines and this is working now. Even though it’s a bit of a hassle …

only if you wanna know the cause of the issue adhere to the points already elaborated above.

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