Problems with a drawing created in Pro2017

Halls 1 and 2 latest.skp (211.1 KB)

Whats the problem? Opened fine for me.

It’s also a 2018 file not 2017

HI Liam, I am very very new to this and I started with that very simple layout that I needed to do for an exhibition I am involved in. I have uninstalled sketch up and am now in 2018 but no matter what I do the drawings moves in and out on the screen all the time and is completely unusable. I have removed the license, restarted my computer but the drawing is completely unusable. When I tried to submit the problem the form wouldn’t recognise my license number but when I reinstalled the app it recognised the license number then.

Sorry this is probably way below your talents but would appreciate any help you can give me. I have been on the internet and uninstalled everything to do with the 2017 version and the 2018 version and started again.

Can you take a screenshot to show what you mean when you say the drawing moves in and out on the screen?

Is it possible to take a video screenshot ?

Do you have a three button mouse?

You can with Apple’s Quicktime Player → New Screen Recording. The problem is, this bulletin board seems to reject video of even modest size as too big a file. (Probably why @Box makes GIF’s instead?)

No I don’t - is it worth me investing in one for my mac. I am an interior designer and want to develop the presentation side of my business which is completely new to me.

Working in sketchup without a 3 button mouse is a bit like working with boxing gloves on, you can do it but it’s not efficient.
The middle/scroll wheel button let’s you pan, orbit and zoom while still holding a tool.
You only need a cheap one.

Try LiceCap. Nice and simple. Easy to use.

Yes I would agree and say whatever your subject is in SketchUp having a 3 button mouse is pretty essential. You can pick them up very cheap on Amazon, it may be a bit too flashy for your taste but I got this for my laptop a couple of years ago and works a dream:

I asked because the behavior you described is often related to sensitive trackpads on laptops, you constantly zoom in and out if you reach for a key.
Anyway, as mentioned, a 10 dollar mouse is worth the investment.

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