Problems with 3DWarehouse in Microsoft Edge

Progressive loading of results doesn’t work in Microsoft Edge. Presently the 3DWarehouse code assumes Edge functions similar to Internet Explorer with regards to the firing of scroll events. Historically, IE and Edge functioned differently than Chrome and Firefox. Edge has broken from IE, and is now interoperable with Chrome and Firefox.

Could we get the Warehouse site updated to accommodate these changes in Edge?


Good to hear. But for me it comes too late. I long since gave up on MS for my browser.

I understand, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve the experience should you find yourself in Edge in the future :slight_smile: My goal for now is to help ensure current users of Edge have the best possible experience on the 3DWarehouse.

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Don’t forget the SketchUp Extension Warehouse. Users need their extensions too.

Appears to work for me in Microsoft Edge 25.10586.