Problems with 3D warehouse


I have been using SketchUp Make 2016. Up until about the end of the year (2016) I was able to access 3D Warehouse straight from inside the drawing I was making and download from there.

I didn’t have to sign in to be able to download or anything.

After January 1st I wasn’t able to access it. I recently regained access to the 3D Warehouse though at ““ and using my Google account.

I have no major problems using this work around, but it seemed simpler to get the drawings straight from inside the program.

So my question is: Is this going to stay this way or is there some way ro still access from the program?


That’s not on our end. You’re on Win7: type cmd-L and see what sites you can and can’t get to from inside SketchUp. Have you ever upgraded to IE 11? If not, be sure you do that. In SketchUp 2017 we went to Chromium, but earlier versions used webkit per platform(IE on Win, Safari on Mac).


There are some threads around here that have cmd scripts old version users can use to increase MSIE browser emulation for “sketchup.exe” to v11.

Also update all the base Trimble distributed extensions that come with SketchUp. (These have been updated to address various browser issues.)

Lastly, try logging in to your google account from the man icon in the lower left inside SketchUp before using any internal web services (like 3DW or EW or Google Maps GeoLocation.)