Problems while inserting CAD files to Layout

Dear Layout users.
I would like to ask you how do you insert CAD files to Layout?
I have downloaded some CAD files from The zipped file was downloaded, so I opened it and extracted the DWG file and saved it as an extra file. Then I wanted to insert it to Layout but either nothing was inserted (sofas cad blocks) or the cad blocks were inserted (fifferent file)
layout cad blocks.layout (117.8 KB)
but I am not sure how to work with them since all blocks were in one box and I am not able to use the single one.
Coud you maybe give me an advice? Thank you for your support.

So the imported .dwg file includes all of those elements in a group. You can open the group for editing or ungroup until you can get into the individual elements. Then do what you need to do. Erase what you don’t want, move the parts you want where you want them. Intitially the group comes in as a Scaled Drawing. Before you remove that feature, scale it to the size you’ll be working with.

Thank you for your help. Is it right that individual elements inside of the group consist of many parts which I have to group in order to get an element? Because if I click on the element, not the whole element is marked. And do you know why some cad objects can not be inserted? Thanks a lot.

pi 25. 3. 2022 o 22:06 Dave via SketchUp Forum <> napísal(a):

It’s much like in SketchUp. When you dig into a group you get down to the elements it’s made of. In a case like yours I would be inclined to make separate groups of the different furniture pieces so they would be easier to handle.

It’s hard to say exactly. Most likely it has to do with the objects in the CAD file.

Keep in mind that usually one would create a 3D model in SketchUp and use that in LayOut for the sort of stuff you are doing.

Thank you for your advices.

Dňa pi 25. 3. 2022 o 22:37 Dave via SketchUp Forum <> napísala(a):