Problems when exporting animation to video..please help me

why the color yellow turn dark orange when i tried to export animation to mp4 video? and how come when i exported a animation to .AVI video, when it finished exporting, the video is just completely gone, nowhere to be found? please help me u guys
is it because of my computer system, resolution, or am i missing something.
thank you very much for reading this.
bao nguyen

Perhaps you could share the SKP file so we can see and actually help you rather than just guessing.

your missing details on both of those items…

makes it hard to guess…


I Tried to upload skp file to share with u guys but the file is too big, it dont let me.
basically, i have this this square component that i painted bright yellow and somehow it turned to orange when i exported
and i cant upload the avi file because after it done, the video disappear

it looks yellow in the video on my monitor, your B badge looks orange…

does your viewer show a different color to this site?


the thing is i painted bright yellow in my model…how come it dont come out the color i painted. And when i trred to export to avi file, i canceled exporting when it almost finish, the avi video show the the the right tone of color that i painted. ( the avi video is slow and get froze)
thnak you john

what are you viewing it on, that will make the biggest difference…

did you try export to image sequence and then convert to a movie,

you can adjust the brightness in SU Shadow Settings…

there are many pages on the web explaining why colors can vary so much…



Hello. Have you tried applying a different material and trying again? Apply a simple brick pattern, for example, see if the colours are changed again.

i made animation with keyframe animation , make tweens and then exported to mp4 video.

thank you for replying. i did what u suggested but its still showing the same orange-ish color.

BUT when i tried to exporting to AVI file… its showing real good color like i want it…only thing…the video is too slow, load slow, even froze. why is it? do u know?

I would recommend sharing something… an skp file, the final video… any thing… right now it is really hard to help when we cant even see what the problem actually is.