Problems trying to use Sketchup Pro for 3D printing design

I am getting increasingly frustrated using Sketchup Pro for complex 3D printing design. It is frequently crashing and lately I am getting problems such as SolidInspector saying everything is shiny and Sketchup saying, nope, it is not solid. I don’t even know what to do with this.

Is there a way for me to upload the skp file here so others can try it?

You can drag it in the answer box if it’s not bigger than around 10Mb. If it’s bigger you can share it via Dropbox or another file sharing app.

Does SketchUp display a Bugsplat when such crashes happen, and if so do you send them to SketchUp? Trimble won’t make updates to SketchUp 2020 at this point (which your profile indicates you use), but there might be something common with 2021 that could be fixed for other users.

What kinds of operations are you executing when the crash happens? A particular native tool, or a particular extension?