Problems saving on a virtual disc

Hi there,

recently I started to use a cloud service with a virtual disc on my pc. Unfortunately SketchUp produces an error while trying to save on the virtual disc called L:. The error message is:
“CFileException 2”
This is followed by the path where I try to save.

The result is that the storage process is interrupted. SketchUp produces the backup file 0.skb and deletes the .skp. Than it stops.

I read something about the CFileException and tried to start SketchUp with admin rights but this caused only that SketchUp didn’t find the virtual drive anymore although the drive has been available through windows explorer.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this?

What cloud service are you talking about ?

You could try saving to a local folder, then later using the services “sync” feature to have the service copy the SKP to the cloud.

Imagine the consequence if the failed save involves your .skb backup file.
In the event SU crashes, it fails to save the Auto-Save file.

Open from local disc and save to local disc … Then copy to storage elsewhere as needed.

My cloudservice is
The interesting thing is, that the virtual drive saves normally a local copy of the files and uploads them later. It works like a synchronised local drive. But somehow sketchup has a problem while saving. Layout has no problem saving the file on the virtual drive.

Well the standard advice is to run SketchUp with elevated privileges.

I suppose next, is to check the permissions on the local “sync’ing” folder. Have you contacted support of the cloud service ?

@tt_su Any ideas?