Problems making a Solid Oject with three planes of elevation

Hey all,

Been having a great time with sketch-up, and most of the main issues with the program I’ve been able to find some clever workarounds. I’m hoping this is something doable, and not a strict restriction.

I’m drawing a set of Concrete Footings and the area we’re pouring has uneven slopes in three directions.
I’m having some serious trouble drawing the footings as a solid object so that I can view the Volume.
I’ve attached the file that I’m working off of.
marks footing.skp (72.6 KB)

Please let me know if you would like any additional information.
Thank you in advance

The reason it’s not a solid is that thre’s no bottom face.

If I were modeling it I would created the footing componnt as a solid with a flat bottom and then cut off the bottm part of it to match the terrain if that was required. Is the trench for the footing going to be cut to follow the terrain or will it be cut with a flat bottom so it’s just deeper in some areas than in others?

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Thank you for the input.
The issue that I’m running into is that I cannot close off the bottom, as the edges aren’t co-planar.(I believe)

Would it be easier to make the entire object the same size, then slice through it three times for each elevation?

The footings are going to be trenched at different depths to create a level plane for the actual slab to go on top.

Thank you again for your help!

You’re right. The bottom edges aren’t coplanar. In order to get flat faces you would need to create triangles.

It would make sense to me to model the footings they way they will be built. Flat bottom with steps as needed for the different depths. That will more accurately reflect the volume of the actual footings and give you more useful information.

I don’t know where you want the transitions between levels to go but here’s a simple example. It made a solid component with no screwing around.

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This honestly seems like the best answer.
I can add a small percentage for the difference in slope and just keep things boxed up.

Thank you for you help on this, I appreciate it!

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