Problems M1 Chip

I recently purchased a Mac mini to replace my aging Mac book pro (2013). The mini has the M1 chip and SU runs on it with Rosetta. The problem is that, running SU for the first time, it called up Rosetta which I started and turned to do something else. In that split second, the cat walked across my keyboard cancelled the Rosetta installation.

I have tried repeatedly to get SU and its cronies up and running, to the point of re-installing SU, all with no effect. Is there some hidden file that I need to delete in order to have SU set up with Rosetta? Please hurry. I don’t have the Mac Book Pro any longer.

And thank you!

Various people post topics about problems with their mouse. Not so many post about their cat.

If you are familiar with Terminal you could try the suggestion on this page:

With the command they show you can trigger the Rosetta 2 install again.

Or you could try opening LayOut. That too may trigger the Rosetta 2 installer.

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Your script was the answer to my prayers! Thank you so very much. Sketchup, here we come!

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