Problems in Pro with models created in Free

Hi. I recently purchased SU Pro and am having an issue with some of the models I created in the free version (17.3.116). I am running it on a Mac (High Sierra 10.13.1). The problem is that I start Pro, open a file created in Make and try to save it in Pro; I get the spinning wheel of death for over a minute and need to open the Activity Monitor to force SU Pro to quit. I have used the same name or a different name and get the same behavior each time. If I open the same file using SU Make and make a minor change, it saves in 20 seconds or less. There are no BugSplats.

The model is of my house and is fairly complex (~45 Mbytes) with many components (no loose geometry, it is all based on components) and groups. Some of the components were downloaded from the warehouse and not modified. I have managed to analyze the model, copying groups into a new model, saving after each copy until it fails and I think I know the components which cause the problem. The downloaded components are large (~2.9 Mbytes), but the size matches the information on the warehouse, so I assume they downloaded correctly.

When I did the Pro install, it went smoothly and testing it with new models or simple ones created in Make indicates to me that the install went well. I did not uninstall Make before installing Pro and the settings migrated. I am close to uninstalling both programs and doing a clean Pro install but wondered if anyone here has any ideas for me to try first.

Thanks in advance.

Pro add a lot more information to the model on first ‘open’… you need to be patient…

Really? Can anyone elaborate on what additional data is added by SketchUp Pro that is not added by SketchUp Make (for a model that was created by Make)?

Yes, please John, elaborate on what you are talking about. I have always thought that Make can open any file created by Pro; that the files are identical. Are you perhaps thinking of newer versions of SketchUp opening a file created by an older version?

it is my understanding that, on loading earlier models, v18 checks and modifies persistent_id's, Materials for unique_name and adds an additional attribute dictionary to each component/group…

Starting from SketchUp 2018+, the ComponentDefinition class contains a new default attribute dictionary named “SU_DefinitionSet” with default keys named named “Price”, “Size”, “Url”.


Ah, so it is between SketchUp year versions, not between Make and Pro!

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All is OK now. It turns out that I was impatient and didn’t wait long enough for Pro to finish converting the file from Make to Pro (or perhaps more accurately from 2017 to 2018). After I waited about 2.5 minutes (an eternity), SU Pro told me that there were some things that needed to be “fixed.” So I gave permission to fix them and after about 30 seconds, the file had been fixed and saved. The information that john_drivenupthewall talked about must the be what was going on during the delay. BTW, while this was going on, other Mac applications were not responsive, which added to my impatience.

Thanks John, for advising me to be patient.

now v18 is Pro, and Free saves as v17, the OP will be faced with these issues, if my understanding is correct…


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