Problems generating report



Hi again!
I’m getting this message pop up when I try to generate a report…


At this point I’m just messing around with it in an attempt to improve my workflow for future projects but I can’t even seem to get past this point to even begin setting it up!


Someone else posted the exact same error message but on Windows recently. Probably an error in the server as report is unfortunately a cloud based feature (even in the desktop version).

For everyone thinking cloud based software is a good idea, this is why it is not. With locally installed software everything is stable. You can update it when you want to update. Cloud based services and software with automatic updates is by design unreliable because new bugs can be introduced any time. When the user is in control you can try out the new bugs when you don’t have a mayor deadline the next day or are currently presenting something.


just for the sake of it, this could well be an argument for the opposite:

Because errors pop up sooner, development goes faster and solutions can also be implemented sooner.
The unreliability will soon reach a level that will not affect most workflows. When one user is ‘in control’, he/she can’t possibly depict all errors/bugs by him or herself, and may be thankful that the error revealed in the cloud prior to the deadline of his or her own.
Note that, in this forum (and most forums), the majority of the posts and threads are related to ‘errors’ or wrong installation/use of the software.
There is a large group of users that won’t report that ‘all’s good here!’


Can’t say that experience with other cloud providers, such as Adobe and Android, bear this out. Both use auto-upgrades to control (disable) their own and third-party features without warning. Trimble is different? The concept of a hardware based stable set of functions is hard to give up for workers trying to maintain their familiar workflow.


No it could not. In stable software you don’t run in to a new bug when doing the exact same thing that has worked every time before. If you run into a bug you can ask yourself what is different this time and usually work around it from there. In fragile software bugs can pop up anytime, anywhere, features you rely on can be removed from one day to the next or they can be changed in a way that makes the workflow much more cumbersome. The difference is like being in your own home versus sleeping on a bench in a park.

All of this applies to web based software; none to desktop software.


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