Problems creating terrain - part of my sketch is invisible on orbiting

I am a newbie, using it for garden design. I’m having problems with what seems an invisible item blocking the plan whilst orbitting. I can’t figure out how to look for it or solve this issue.
I want to create a 2d sketch then use the fredo6 drawalong tool to create a set of guide points to create a terrain with my survey levels with the Toposhaper. In this file I have put in the extent of the garden and created the terrain but when I orbitted, part of the plan disappeared from view.

DAV SA.skp (71.1 KB)

It is called ‘Camera Clipping Plane’.
Click ‘Zoom Extents’ tool and you’ll be fine.image

Ah brilliant! The’perspective’ was clicked off. Many thanks

Look to the top menus and click … Camera > Perspective
You had the camera set in Parallel Projection mode, which is quite prone to camera clipping.

Best Practice … Create a Scene with a good view of the model.
DAV SA_Fixed.skp (77.1 KB)

many thanks

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