Probléme composant dynamique

J’ai créé un composant dynamique avec une option changement couleur (attribut sélectionnable dans une liste). Comment faire fonctionner le même attribut sur un sous-composant (2ème niveau) ?
Composant → sous-composant → sous-composant.

Try setting the formula for the ‘Child’ Material…


Parent:Child are component:subcomponent etc

merci mais ça ne marche pas :frowning: Voir photo

You should get the right reference automatically if you just click on the attribute you want to reference in the Component Attributes dialog while in formula input mode. =Ensemble_porte!Material might be the correct expression.


its likely that the handle has already been painted at the inner component level, or its retaining a previous material choice. Could you please post the DC so we can understand and fix if required

Voici le modèle en question. Merci pour votre aide. Porte coulissant triple variable 2.skp (695.7 KB)

using the entity info, inside the group you will see that handle has a material painted on its surface . To fix this click the paint choice and swap it with the default

Regards to the model. very nice door, I hope you will share on the Warehouse when finished

Merci c’est o.k ! :smile: