Problème avec l'outil rectangle

Bonjour, j’utilise sketchup depuis quelques jours, tout aller bien mais là j’ai un soucis avec l’outil rectangle qui ne fonctionne pas. Tout le reste fonctionne mais pas l’outil rectangle. Il y un message d’erreur “pas un solide” quand je veux l’utiliser.
Merci d’avance

Translated by the Goog:

Hello, I have been using sketchup for a few days, everything is fine but now I have a problem with the rectangle tool which does not work. Everything else works, but the rectangle tool does not. There is a “not a solid” error message when I want to use it.

Please show us what you are trying to do. Give us screenshots and even the .skp file.

The “Not a solid” message has nothing to do with the Rectangle tool. The Solid Tools and Outer Shell require solid components or groups to work but a simple rectangle or ungrouped geometry will not be solid.

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