Problema with LAYOUT. in Spanish?

In Layout 17.2 spanish versión there is a problem with the button and order to organize objects. The order “put in the foreground” is repeated, and there is no “advance a level” … any solution?

Hi Javier, thanks for bringing this our attention. The button is mis translated but I just verified that it is functioning as it should. So, selecting on the 2nd one down from the top will advance the entity up level in the display order.


Hi Javier, the command is ‘Bring Forward’ would a proper translation for this be ‘Adelantar’?

Or is there a more appropriate translation?

Hi trent. Thanks for your attention. And yes, the 2nd command works! :slight_smile:

I Don’t remember the word in Layout 2016. I can understand “Adelantar”… But I would personally use the word “Avanzar”. So to be consistent, the final sentence would be “Avanzar un nivel”.

Hi Javier, I just checked 2016 and it looks like we did not have it translated correctly there either.

Thanks for your help on this and I will add your translation suggestion to the issue.


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