Problem with wall dimensions

I have made a model of a project, I’m all finishend but now i noticed that the right side of the building is 30cm to low. How can i elevate it and also that the left side doesn’t change, but that the roof on the right side does change?
( the right side walls are 255cm and should be 275, the left side is 375, so the roof is sloping)

It depends upon how you created the model. Might be able to just move the one side up. Might take more.

Share the SketchUp file.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? “Pro Plan” does not answer that. What operating system? What graphics card. You put “dn” in your profile but that’s just bogus info.

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im using the Version 23.0.418 of sketshup Pro on a macbook pro with macOS ventura 13.4 but i don’t know the graphics card.

I raised the richt side collums to the height the walls should have in the file.

Scene 1.skp (327.3 KB)

Correct your profile so it makes sense.

Unfortuntely your model is poorly constructed so modifications such as what you need to make are going to create more of a mess than you already have.

First, you’ve mostly used all loose geometry and some of the faces are incorrectly oriented. There should be no exposed blue back faces.

You have been using tags incorrectly.
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 2_39_09 PM

And there’s some unused stuff that needs to be purged from the model.
Screenshot - 5_31_2023 , 2_39_25 PM

Frankly I think you would do well to start over with proper modeling workflow including using groups and components. Had you don’t that from the beginning your model would actually not be difficult to modify. It would be wise for you to spend some time going through the tutorials at first.

Here’s the purged file:

Scene 1 purged.skp (313.1 KB)

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i cleared the workspace and corrected the height of the walls. How can i rotate an put the structure for the roof and the roof on the walls?

( iw ill watch the tutorials for the next project, thanks for the link, verry helpfull😅)

Scene 1 purged corected .skp (324.5 KB)