Problem with the parametric “Dimensions” in the SketchUp


How to get “Dimensions” to work in different planes?
Maybe there alternative component or plugin.
I work in the SketchyPhysics.
Link the plugin “SketchyPhysics” -

Project.skp (238.5 KB)


Did you try using the AxisTool to temporarily align the model axis with the rotated component instance ?


Temporarily yes, ok. But, the position of the object changes dynamically because I work in SketchyPhysics


Ufortunately, the parameters “Dimensions” changes dynamically good run only one planes.


… then create a group, and put the dimension and the component instance inside the group together. The SP should rotate both together.


in this case, the “dimension” will not change. It will be static.


I need dynamics. I want to see the distance in movement and in the space.


I do not have any problems in SU2015 without Sketchy Physics. The dimension rotates with the object it is attached, and changes size dynamically as I scale or stretch the object… These are called “Associative dimensions”.

Sketchy Physics must have broke something.



Ah… I see. You are going between separate objects.

Yes I think this may be a known issue.