PROBLEM with texture in VRAY. I see this


Don´t see the texture, only the vray symbol.
Don´t know how to fix.

Anyone knows?


Where is your V Ray render window?
You won’t see a render in the SU view port.


This is Called the vray texture helper, it shows the u and v directions and the absolute scale of the texture (As set in the sketchup texture tray). The texture helper appears when you have set a non image map in the diffuse slot (or are using a map modifier like a colour correction or something as the primary texture in the diffuse slot). It will also appear of you use more esoteric materials like a multi material or a procedural material. Sketchup can not display these natively although you can change the size of the texture in the tray. It’s a way for Vray to give some visual indication of the orientation and size of the material in SU.

So in your example - for your tile texture if you have used the procedural tile texture (I’m guessing), this is expected behaviour in Vray.


It´s a generic mat with poliigon difuse texture, and normal map.
It´s normal then?


In your screen capture you have a tile texture in SU - do you want / need an close match to that?

If so, you could try making maps for the texture (PhotoShop) or download a texture map set.


I have a texture map file from poliigon, and cannot see it at the viewport, do you understand?


To clarify, I was suggesting making your own or downloaded displacement and or normal map for your tile texture, instead of using the generic V Ray one.


Do you have any color corrections or other operations applied to the Tex map?

Without being able to see the vrmat it’s all guess work. What I said in my previous post stands, there s something about the materials diffuse slot that makes Vray display the helper.

Check the advanced settings to see whether the binding is set to Auto or Texture helper.


If you save out the vrmat and zip it up with the maps, I’ll take a look. I’m a Poliigon subscriber too so so issuecsharing the map.