Problem with sketch up 2015

I implore your help . I started work on SketchUp in 2015 and kept me at work throws an error , which then creates a lot .skb files - and not the skp . turn off then nothing is saved and throws the table in the Annex or by any defect creates autosave_autosave_ autosave … act …
then at work I’m one and eight autosave files .
you have experience with it ?
I ask you to help.
thanks Tina

CFileException 5 indicates an access failure. Can you save other files in that folder (to verify you have write permission)? Did you invoke the SketchUp installer using “run as administrator” to make sure it can access everything it needs?

Hi Steve,
I installed it myself and I have little Amateur Computer Cases . you know
me as a description of the procedure do you fix it ? thanks a lot



Actually, I get this too. But only on certain conditions.
I am sure it has to do with it not being able to write the autosave file.

If you have started a new file, and without saving left the file left it long enough (5min by default) for the autosave to kick in, you will get this message. At least in my experience. Such message did not occur upon saving the file once somewhere on the disk as SketchUp’s auto-save will write fine.

Zdravím Vás,
a vedeli by ste mi poradiť ako sa to daá odstraniť alebo je to v nejakom nastavení?
Ďakujem Tina

I probably am getting lost in language here.

But, you can adjust autosave interval settings. Or always save the file somewhere before that shows up.

  • uninstall SketchUp
  • install SketchUp by “Right Click > Run as Admin”
  • first launch of SketchUp by “Right Click > Run as Admin”

can you save with the Windows Wordpad text processor to the Windows Desktop?

I tried it but still it makes.

Could you be saving something that is linked to your cloud? Sometimes if your cloud service is accessing the file to upload onto the server, it can fail to write the save.