Problem with Scaling an Image

Then I have to scale up a map … the video course tells me:
it imports files in jpg (and already it gave me some problems, which didn’t load the file, then after a restart of the software it did).
Dimension one side of the plan, with the already predefined dimension in the jpg (a fairly large size).
Draw a line on the jpg dimension, create a group, enter the group, with the measuring instrument, measure the line previously traced on the elevation of the plan, at this point type the dimension of the dimension on the jpg (the actual measurement on the plan), press sending and in the video the plant was transformed into real dimensions.

instead I got this (see attachment)

You need to click at each end of the line prior to typing the dimension.

Ohhh thank you very much,

I don’t know why but it was impossible on my own …

Now I can go back to my studio. Thanks again

What tutorial are you trying to follow? It should have told you to click at each end of the line but if it didn’t, the tutorial could use some updating.

Impossible … he said it !!!

I learned all the passages by heart and missed one.

I do not know what takes me, it is truly hallucinating, fortunately you are there of the forum.

I hope I need a lesson !!!