Problem with material


I have two pieces with the same material but they render different, the lower part is lighter.

It is a dynamic component, therefore it has to be two pieces.

Test Poly.skp (95.3 KB)

I need them to match, I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance.


The dynamic component uses scale to change size, this affects your textures / materials as well… I am guessing this is coming through in the material you applied here.

It looks like you’ve edited one material, if you want them to be the same just use the dropper tool with the paint bucket and paint all the pieces with the same material.

If have tried this, but this does not help.

I have a material scaler applied on the bottom half, I cannot apply it to the top half otherwise it won’t scale properly.

Material Scaler.skp (11.3 KB)

I hope there is a solution to fix this.

It was a stupid mistake, the top and bottom are both single faces and were 0.2mm off. This caused some light be casted different.