Problem with LayOut - exporting PDF



I’ve run into a problem with LayOut when I export a PDF. I show door and window callouts on my elevations. I have created them to have a 60% white fill so that the numbers (or letters) can be easily read. My door callouts are oval shaped and my window callouts are hexagon shaped. Other then the shape difference, they have both been created exactly the same way. When I export to PDF, the hexagon window callouts look great - the fill looks as it should, but the door callouts have no fill. I have tried everything that I can think of to fix this problem, but I have been unsuccessful. I tried a circle and it worked just fine. There is something about the oval shape that won’t allow for a fill of any transparency including opaque. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. I have attached a PDF that illustrates the problem.Problem with Transparencies.pdf (190.3 KB)